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IX. Our details

  • My Travels Time is the parent company of
  • Our registered office is at Lets Do Fly, 3210 Alpha Avenue, Athens, Texas 75751 and Near BDO Office, Lakhanpur Bilaspur HP 174001.
  • Our’s operation team works from Mohali, India.

X. Flight Booking

  • Flight tickets can’t be changed or refunded once they’ve been bought. All costs paid by the government will also not be refunded.
  • Prices for booking flights don’t include fees for bags and carry-ons, as well as other fees that this carrier charges.
  • Passages are not insured until they are ticketed, and you can’t change your name before that.
  • All changes to a booking that are asked for are subject to access, employee rules, and extra costs.
  • All travelers have to make sure that their travel advice is current and correct.

Please read the important information about the limits of an aircraft’s liability and our carrier’s fare rules below the rules. Rules for bags and fees Depending on the carrier, you may have to pay extra for extra bags and gear. We suggest that you call the service provider directly to confirm their different rules and fees for luggage. All seats are given out based on who asks for them. We suggest that you look at our “Improved Seat Assignment Program” to find out how seats are assigned.

XI. Voluntary Changes

The majority of Lets Do Fly applications incorporate changes, but they are subject to access, carrier rules, additional fees, fare gaps, and changes to programs. Since these changes may necessitate the issuance of tickets according to the approach of a particular airline, the aircraft has final approval rights.

XII. Involuntary Changes

Carriers can also change flight schedules at some point, depending on whether or not they provide a practical alternative. Our team will send you an email with the latest developments as well as alternative options if they occur. In the other case, one of our specialists will assist you in making the best choice based on your needs. Also, for the refund policy please see our refund page for more information.

XIII. International Flights

Register at least three hours before your flight’s departure time if you are travelling. Passengers who fail to enroll before the announced time may be denied boarding by the aircraft.

XIV. Travel permit/Visa

When traveling globally, you need to have all travel documents with you, including your ticket, travel visa, Schengen visa, identification proof, and alternative permits. You should also ensure that your travel license is valid for 6 weeks after your birth date.

XV. Online Check-In and flight details

Click the ‘Airport Check In’ link on our website to check in for your flight and obtain your tickets. Our Assess My Navigation page also provides you with up-to-the-minute information on your flight, including the program, seat position, and ticket status.

XVI. Ticket Purchase

You promise that you are at least 18 years old and have the legal right to sign this agreement and use the Site according to all of its terms and conditions. You agree that you will pay for everything you do on the Site (as well as for use of your account by others). You are responsible for any reservations made by people you are in charge of or direct. You also promise that all information you, someone acting on your behalf, or other people living in your home give to the Site is true and correct. You also make sure that the traveller is not a child travelling alone. A reservation made in advance of demand, whether it is exploratory, false, or fraudulent, cannot be accepted. You agree that you will only use the Site’s travel services reservation tools to make legitimate reservations or purchases for yourself or for someone else on whose behalf you are legally allowed to act. You know that if you use the Site’s travel services reservation tools too much or in a bad way, you might not be able to use them anymore.

The following conditions may apply to all offers, prices, and conditions of sale:

  • Changes without notice are possible.
  • Seating, eligibility, or advance purchase restrictions may apply.
  • Blackout dates, stopovers, and/or waitlisting restrictions affect travel days, dates, or stays.
  • Limits on reservation validation of up to one year (any extension may be subject to penalties/restrictions);
  • Conditions/restrictions may apply.
  • There is availability. You may be able to find lower prices.
  • If your final destination or stop is in a country other than where you started, the rules of a treaty called the “Warsaw Convention” may apply to your whole trip, even the parts that take place entirely in the country of departure or destination. The Warsaw Convention sets the rules for and may limit the liability of some airlines if a passenger dies, gets hurt, or has their luggage lost or broken.

A reservation isn’t complete until it’s confirmed and tickets are printed. We verify your billing address, credit card verification number, and debit/charge authorization with the credit/debit card company to make sure you’re protected. There is a possibility that the fare will change.

We are not responsible for any transaction that is declined because the credit or debit card is declined by the issuing company or a travel provider, or if, for any reason, the billing address or credit card details cannot be validated immediately.

We are also not responsible for any changes in fare or other charges that may happen during our verification process. When the fare you chose isn’t available, an approval code may have been taken from your credit card. If the transaction isn’t completed, the approval code may block your available credit until the bank removes the block.
You are liable for claiming Refund (If ticket is Refundable only) on air ticket booking only if the tickets booked by us do not match the exact requirements which were given to us by you emailed to us (T & C Apply). There might be multiple transactions on your credit card for the amount we are charging for your air ticket booking but the total amount would be the same as told by us to you.

XVII. Major Airline

Several of the itineraries displayed on are not disclosed, including the exact departure and arrival times, connecting airports, and airlines.

  • The departure and arrival times are shown as a two-hour window, and the exact times are given when the booking is confirmed.
  • The connecting airports are shown as “Layover,” and the information about the connecting airports is given when the booking is confirmed.
  • Delta Airline, Spirit Airline, Etihad Airways, KLM, American Airline, and United Airlines are some of the airlines that are considered to be Major airlines.
  • We have the best Spirit Airline deals but you need to book your tickets immediately for that and we cannot hold your tickets for long(as specified by our travel experts).
  • Once the customer receives the booking confirmation email with the airline, departure and arrival times, and connecting airports, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the airline’s policies within 12 hours of receiving the email. These policies include the amount of luggage allowed, the fees for cancelling or changing the reservation, and any VISA restrictions for the itinerary.
  • The itinerary can be changed or cancelled for free up to 12 hours after it was booked.

XVIII. Business Class Upgrade

  • This upgrade offer is only good if the business class ticket is bought before the deadline given in the email about the upgrade.
  • The price of the upgrade is not set in stone until the tickets for business class are bought.
  • Upon confirmation of the business class tickets, the economy class tickets will be refunded. Once the business class tickets are confirmed, the full price of the business class tickets is charged to the card.

XIX. Reconfirmation, Check-in and Boarding

You should check the times of your flights directly with the airlines that run them at least 72 hours before you leave. Make sure to check in at the airport of departure at least 3 hours before your flight is supposed to leave, and be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before your flight leaves.

XX. Human Error in Booking & Ticketing

“We all make mistakes.” But it’s not okay to make a mistake when making a reservation or buying a ticket. If an agent makes a mistake when booking or ticketing your flight, you need to let us know within 24 hours of getting your itinerary or e-Ticket so that we can try to fix the mistake asap possible. We won’t be able to fix the mistake after 24 hours.

XXI. Itinerary Reconfirmation

You are responsible for reviewing and confirming the details of the itinerary you booked on our website or through our customer service. This includes the passenger’s name, travel dates, departure point, arrival destination, meal type, flight number, travel class, airline number, scheduled departure time, etc. If you find any difference in the information you gave us when you booked, please let us know within two hours. If you don’t look over and confirm the details within the time limit, the booking will be taken as if you agree to it, and we won’t be responsible for anything.

XXII. Multiple Airline Itineraries

If there are more than two airlines on your itinerary for a multicity or round trip, or if there are more than two airlines on your itinerary for a one-way trip, each airline will have its own rules about fares, baggage, and refunds. Each airline has its own service policy for changing and canceling flights. If one of the airlines cancels the flight or changes the flight schedule, the other airline that runs the connecting flight or return flight is not required to reschedule your trip or think about giving you a refund. You must check the rules and regulations of each airline involved in a connecting, multi-city, or return trip and follow them.

XXIII. Duplicate Bookings

If the same traveler books the same trip twice, they won’t be able to cancel or get a refund if they change their mind after the confirmation (ticketing) for the second duplicate booking. We can take care of your “cancellation” request with the airline, but it depends on the airline’s rules, which we can’t change. Tickets that can’t be cancelled or refunded usually can’t be changed or returned.

XXIV. Baggage Policy and Fee

Depending on their policies for checked baggage and cabin baggage, airlines have different limits on how much baggage you can bring with you. Fees for checked bags depend on how many and how heavy they are. The fee for bags is paid directly to the airline. Check the airline you want to fly with to see how much luggage you can bring with you. If you’re taking a connecting flight, two or three airlines may have different rules about bags and fees. You should check with each airline before buying a ticket or making a connecting itinerary.

Airlines have policies about what items are allowed and what items are not. Before you pack your carry-on and checked bags, make sure to check the airline’s website for a list of these items.

XXV. Credit Card Transaction Fees

If you buy an itinerary with a credit card, the company that issued the card may charge you a fee to handle the transaction. If both the card merchant and the card’s issuing bank are in different countries, a transaction fee is charged. The fee is set by the bank or company that processes the credit card transaction. The cost of the flight does not include the fee for using a credit card. It will show up on the credit card statement as a separate charge.

XXVI. Acceptance policies for credit and debit cards

We only accept all types of credit cards and debit cards issued by the bank. Unless otherwise stated, all prices on the site are in USD/CAD/INR dollars/rupee. If you use a card that was not issued by a USA/Canadian/Indian bank, your bank may charge you a fee for a foreign transaction. After payment and ticketing, a trip is confirmed as booked. If the payment for your booked trip doesn’t come out of your credit card or debit card account because of wrong information or not enough money, we will let you know within 24 hours. We are not responsible if we can’t accept your credit card. If the airline doesn’t confirm your trip because the price of your ticket went up, your credit card won’t be accepted. If this happens, you can either buy the trip at the higher price or ask to get out of it for free.

Your billing address on your credit card or debit card must be able to be checked. Please keep in mind that a P.O. Box is not a valid billing address. By using our safety policies, we make sure that payments made with credit cards and debit cards are safe. Any fraudulent use of a customer’s debit or credit card is reported to the credit card verification company, the airline, and the bank.

When you buy a booked itinerary, you confirm that we have the right to take the payment from your account. After the itinerary is bought and tickets are made, the transaction shouldn’t be taken out of the account. If you dispute the transaction even though the purchase was confirmed and the ticket is real, we can charge you.

If the payment for a trip you booked with us using the credit card information you gave us is declined for a good reason, we will let you know as soon as possible. In this case, you need to call your credit card company and ask for a new credit card number. Or, you can choose to pay for the transaction in any other way. Feel free to get in touch with our travel specialist if you need more help.

If your credit card company or bank doesn’t approve the payment after you’ve used the ticket, we may call you back within 2 years of booking, and you agree to give us your payment information.

XXVII. Special request for meals, seats, bassinets, and other services from customers

We honour your right to ask for a certain meal, a certain seat, a bassinet for your baby, or any other special service on board. Our travel experts work with the airline or airlines to handle your requests. Only the airline can confirm that you will get the meal, seat, bassinet, or other service you asked for. Airlines reserve the right to confirm the special service that was asked for and to change their policy on special in-flight services at any time and without notice. Our travel experts try our best for Delta Airline Seat Selection, Spirit Airline and other airlines Seat Change. We try our best to give you the Spirit Airline Date Change, Spirit Airline Baggage Selection services.

LetsDoFly does not promise that the airline will agree to any special service you ask for. Confirmation of your service (seat, meal, bassinet, etc.) should be obtained from the airline directly.

XXVIII. You can contact us:

(a) by post, using the postal address
Lets Do Fly, 3210 Alpha Avenue, Athens, Texas 75751.
(b) using our website contact form;
(c) by telephone, on the contact number published on our website from time to time; or
(d) by email, using the email address published on our website from time to time.